Canuck Running Amuck is one Canadian girl’s ode to all things travel.

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Lisa. I have Canadian roots and an American upbringing, and travelling and writing have been my passions for a long time. After finishing university, I scrimped and saved for a year to take my first solo international trip, and there was no going back after that. My travel bucket list seems to grow by the year. I also work a full-time, very not-glamourous job in healthcare (shout out to my fellow pharmacists!) but every free chance I get, I’m planning (or at least dreaming of) my next adventure. I know everyone travels for different reasons and with different ideas of what makes for the perfect holiday. I’m a firm believer in slow, authentic travel, getting to know the heart of a place and respecting its history, people and customs.History is one of my great passions. It is spine-tingling to feel the presence of other centuries, to see or imagine how people who came before lived and worked and played and died. Knowing the why and how of places I see enriches my experience. This blog is where I share those experiences, chronicling trips and cataloguing travel-related tips and recommendations as I go. Say hi, drop me a comment or message on Instagram… I love interacting with fellow globetrotters!