Postcards from Mousehole, Part I

Mousehole (rhymes with “spousal”) is a quintessentially Cornish village that seems to conjure affectionate memories for everyone who has been there before. And no wonder- it’s a charming fishing town by the sea with quaint shopfronts and fishermen’s cottages that feels worlds away from the bustle of big cities.
Mousehole Harbour (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Sweet shopfronts abound in Mousehole (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Mousehole Harbour in the light of a summer evening (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
The Ship Inn is a popular fixture on the waterfront. It’s a darling pub (and 8-bedroom inn) serving proper Cornish fare and St. Austell Brewery ales, the perfect excuse to stop for a half. It also sits adjacent to a very photogenic post office and across from the harbour where you can watch the boats roll in with the tide.
Mousehole Harbour (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
The post office (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
The Ship Inn, immediately on the right (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Mousehole Harbour (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Then there are the little lanes and streets, inviting you to poke your nose around every corner.
Fishermen’s cottages (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Bunting-strewn streets (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Cute alleys in Mousehole (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Hidden corners in Mousehole (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
Fishermen’s cottages (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
It’s easy to spend an afternoon ambling through the village and climbing higher to get a view of Mousehole Harbour if the weather is nice. Even if the fog and rain set in, there’s just something so lovely about Mousehole’s ambience that you won’t feel it’s a day wasted to have been there!
View of Mousehole Harbour (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
View of Mousehole Harbour (photo credit: canuckrunnningamuck)
St. Michael’s Mount in the distance (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)
Mousehole Harbour at sunset (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

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