For the Love of Leith

My last day in Scotland was spent in Leith, an area north of Edinburgh situated right on the water. It  felt like an entirely different entity from Scotland’s capital, its old shipping warehouses and dock buildings converted to swank flats and trendy restaurants, cobbled streets running alongside both contemporary and traditional bars. We took advantage of these. Leith is a haven for good food and drink.

The charming streets of Leith (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

We treated ourselves to a special meal at Fishers, a cornerstone of the food scene there. Housed at the base of a 17th century watchtower, Fishers serves up fresh seafood in a cosy, contemporary-casual setting. (Of note, there are other extensions of Fishers in Edinburgh, but the one in Leith is the original.) I ordered the scallops, and Matthew the sea bass, and there was naught wrong with either of them. It was a delight to the taste buds, unique flavours thoughtfully paired together while retaining the true fresh taste of the seafood itself. I would recommend Fishers to anyone.

received_3281747242263_1500671309214Scallops from Fishers in Leith (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

The exterior of Fishers, a seafood tradition in Leith (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

Leith, of course, is also home to the Royal Yacht Britannia, the retired yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. While we passed on the opportunity to tour the vessel itself, I was able to take in some of her splendour from a waterside stroll. To actually access the yacht, or even get particularly close to it, you need to wind your way through a shopping center to its upper level, but for me it was enough to just see it.

The Royal Yacht Britannia (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

Like so much of Scotland, I wanted more time to explore Leith. Its pedestrian-friendly sidewalks took me by more than one inviting dining establishment (see: The Kitchin, a Michelin-starred restaurant we discovered too late to book a reservation), and it would have been no hardship to spend a little bit more time in the bars. But all good trips must come to an end, and I can be content with mine having ended in such a wonderful place.

Views from a stroll in Leith (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck)

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