Into the Highlands

The Scottish Highlands bear resemblance to no other place on earth; indeed, it is no wonder people describe them as otherwordly, mystical, magical, as though they were a portal to another place and time.

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I was lucky enough to see them at two extremes: vividly sunny, the bright green of the meadows playing off the deep blue of the sky, light reflecting off the lakes brilliantly and blindingly…

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…and stormy, dark and wild, with clouds whipped in a frenzy and heavy rain thrown by a howling wind.

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Every bend in the motorway that twists through the highlands is littered with views that caught my breath in my throat; the bizarre landscape, with its strange shapes towering over me, completely distorted my sense of space and proportion.

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The highlands are a dream for outdoor and history enthusiasts, as they offer a chance to escape the hordes of tourists that swarm Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. Luckily there are many pull-over points along the highway which cuts through them, making it easy to stop and take photos. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, trail-heads (both marked and unmarked) indicate walks which may take you through hills and valleys so empty you feel as if you are the only one there. Bring boots and a pioneering spirit!