A Photographic Love Letter to Victoria Street

Oh, Victoria.

IMG_20170719_055951_008(photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

Victoria Street is iconic; after all, its shopfronts inspired Harry Potter’s whimsical Diagon Alley, and it features heavily on social media travel accounts thanks to the distinctive, boldly-coloured facades that line the cobbled street twisting up a winding hill. It is a delight to experience and photograph from all angles.

20170711_114423_1501512606296(photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

It is easy to lose yourself walking along and above it, especially on a summer day when the last golden rays of sunlight hit just right. I was lucky enough to catch it on one such day.

20170711_185117_1501514877242(photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

20170708_174108_1501282015585(photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

20170711_182643_1501515628701(photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

Victoria Street gives way to Grassmarket, a vibrant area of Edinburgh with enticing bars and restaurants.

20170711_185236¬†George Heriot’s school in the distance, Grassmarket in the foreground as seen from Victoria Street. (Photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

Watching the sun set over the castle while sat out in a beer garden was by far one of my favourite experiences. If you’re exhausted by the commotion on the Royal Mile, this is the place to escape for some peace, quiet, and a nice half (pint, that is).

20170711_182041_1501515007943.pngSunset over Edinburgh Castle (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

20170711_192808_1503108698696.pngEnjoying the long, golden rays of summer evening sunsets (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

2017081822194556546_1503109190740.pngCheery summer bunting in Grassmarket  (photo credit: canuckrunningamuck.com)

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